I was driving home one day and I noticed something I had not noticed before. I had driven the same way. It was over a year of taking the same way.

What did I see? I saw the foundation of a building. Why did I not see it earlier? It was already overrun with thick bush. Why did I get to see it? The bush was cleared out! It has always been there but the bush covered it.

There are divine deposits in your life that have probably been overrun with weeds. The presence of the weeds does not mean that the seed is still not there. It is only proof that you have been negligent over time. If you will be deliberate, the divine deposits will become revealed again.

If you used to have an amazing prayer life and altar, the solution to your prayerlessness is not in talking about your history, it is in beginning to pray again. The divine deposits are still there. One day at a time, you are uprooting the weeds until the foundations laid are revealed again.

At times, recovery can be like fanning lighted charcoal amid black unlimited charcoal. It may seem as though nothing is happening but with consistency, the black cold charcoal begins to respond to the glow and cracking sound of the lighted one. Soon, we have a fully lighted pot.

The passion for God and His assignment is still there. Have you seen how you have not forgotten the songs from children’s Bible club days? Have you not seen how you cannot cross certain lines? Have you not sensed the tug on your heart every time you descend the slope into unholy things? The seed is there. The weeds have just overrun it.

Why is the seed still there? The enemy can not defeat the seed. He cannot uproot the seed. He only fights by adding the weeds. As the weed grows, it seems the seed is no longer there. It is there.

Paul told Timothy something powerful: You have been taught the holy Scriptures from childhood, and they have given you the wisdom to receive the salvation that comes by trusting in Christ Jesus.
2 Timothy 3:15 NLT

There are decisions you are taking now and moves you are making now that are simply rooted in the seeds sown in you as a child.

Beloved, this is a call to get back to the basics. Go back to a life of disciplined prayer and study. You will be surprised what you will discover about yourself. There is more under that covering. Pull it off!

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