As the major project we had went on, I would always pray to God to bless the work and yes He did. Then it struck me that I can also be a blessing to the work. So I told God, “God bless me that I may bless the work”.

God began to bless me indeed. But It was easier prayed than done. When the first set of financial blessings came in. I had forgotten my prayers. But trust the Spirit of the Lord to remind me. I asked God to bless me with a liberal spirit. He began to bless me more as I gave all to the kingdom.

One way to walk into the blessing of the Lord is to position yourself to be a blessing. If your focus is yourself and your needs, hard work and diligence are enough. But if you desire to be a blessing to the kingdom of God and the nations of the earth, you need the blessing of God upon your life.

Do not wait till you have it in plenty before you begin to bless others. The way it works in this kingdom is “To him that scatters, it increases”. If you withhold, you will get into poverty- of ideas and resources.

Care for Others. David’s men fed the abandoned Egyptian slave. They thought and cared for a wounded man even though they had their pressing issue. Their heart and act of care was the key to the recovery they earnestly desired.

The blessing works when you are a blessing to others. No matter how anointed Elijah was, the brook still dried up and the raven stopped bringing bread. However, when the anointing on his life became a covering for a widow and her only son, both the anointed and the hungry family had enough to eat throughout the famine in the land.

Have a huge appetite to be a part of the kingdom agenda and advancement. Why do you want that business profit? Why do you want that new job? If you desire it to prove a point, you have missed the point. Hannah tied her request to God’s agenda. God needed a prophet, Hannah needed a baby. She said, God give me a baby, and I will give him back to you. He got the blessing of Samuel.

Sometimes, it is not about what you have asked. It is about who you are. Ask the Lord to bless you with a heart that loves the kingdom. Ask God for the blessing of a large and liberal heart. Tell God to show you what He is doing so you can be a part of it.

There is love in sharing