I had known my spiritual father for sixteen years. I just did not have any understanding of our relationship. I even invited him to Eruwa in 2007. I still remember the love and humility that he related with. 

I hung around that relationship for years without plugging in fully. It was just about “Hello sir. I just said I should check up on you”. There were times I had questions, and I got answers. There were times he was quiet and did not give me answers (Maybe my question was higher than the depth of my commitment). I was like a switch- on and off! I was not stable. I found something but did not understand it. 

Some people are like coins but lost in the house. They have found a house and a family but they are lost in that house. You can hang around a father in different dimensions: 

– Like a Seeker: You are just there to observe. You have hints here and there. You know some things. You only scratch the surface.

– Like a Servant: You have an amazing heart. You keep running errands. You are greatly helpful, but you lack insight into why you are around him. 

– Like a Student: You ask questions, and you get answers and lessons. That is where it ends. 

Many have found a home, but rather than plug-in fully, they would rather stay on the surface. 

Just like I used to be, some people have turned their “spiritual father” into a conference speaker. As long as people know they have a relationship with him, they are fine. It is called chasing clout rather than sitting to learn, be groomed, and imparted. They are annoyed when they cannot get them to feature in their meetings. Beloved, you can be lost in the house. You have a relationship, but it lacks depth. 

One sign that you are lost in the house is the understanding of the difference between ‘a father’ and ‘my father’. Every nursing mother can breastfeed a child, but a nursing mother will only breastfeed her child. She is a mother, but she is not everyone’s mother. 

If you still say things like ‘He is like a father to me’ or ‘He is like a teacher to me,’ you are not plugged in yet. A student says, “This is my teacher”. A son says, “This is my father,” but you hear a believer say, “He is like a teacher to me” or “He is like a father to me.” Many in the house are lost. Are you lost at home?

When you are lost at home, you will be led by suggestions and not instructions. Conversations will stay on the surface. It may take years for you to see the light of a simple suggestion. You will not learn by observation. You will see things and yet be blind. Why? Your heart is closed up. 

How did they find the lost coin? They lighted the room and swept everywhere. You need to appraise your walk constantly. Am I just there? Am I fully plugged in? Am I being trained? Am I being instructed and corrected? May God bless us with light and insight. Amen. 

© temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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      I read your devotional for the first time today and I received great insight into what my relationship with my discipler should be. From my assessment I have been lost at home by just hanging around and running errands, and not plugging in. This will change henceforth. I have also shared your link with my son, whom I am asking the Lord to encounter. Thank you.

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