There was a time in ministry when our annual event was always the same time as that of my spiritual parents. For many years, I would host our event and then return to watch some part of the convention they were hosting. I would send a text message saying, “I was blessed.” That was my yearly pattern. 

One year, it struck me that I was robbing myself and the people I led. I cannot lead well if I do not feed well. I woke up to sonship. I moved our meeting away from the same season. I would attend the conference with my spiritual parents and return refreshed for the work. It was the first step towards greater things happening in our ministry. 

Today, our life, marriage and ministry took a different dimension because I woke up to sonship. Amazingly, my spiritual parents did not suggest it or even complain at all. I only woke up to the fact that I was not doing it the right way. 

There are dead sons. There are lost sons. There are “found” sons. There are also living sons. Sons who are alive to their responsibilities. 

But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’ ”

Luke 15:32 NIV

Amazingly, our culture has an interesting way of describing different kinds of sons, too. Follow closely: 

There is the “Omo Oju”. This literally means “Child of the Eyes”. It means that this son is so smart and wise that he can pick things you have not said. All he needs is non-verbal communication, and he decodes it. He can leave when you are talking to visitors. He can keep quiet and not say a word just by a sign. That’s the kind of son every parent loves. 

There is the “Omo Oro”. This is the “Child of Words”. It means they always wait to be told before they take any initiative. Their excuse is, “You did not tell me”. Sometimes, you would have to shout and scream. Some are like that in the Christian journey, too. You have to shout it before they get it. 

There is the “Omo Igi”. This is the “Child of the Rod”. They have to be beaten into understanding. They are so stubborn. They despise non-verbal communication and disregard words. Until the cane lands on them, they do not get to cooperate. Sons like this learn the hard way. 

There is a last one called “Omo-komo.” This one behaves like a bastard. He does not portray the values of the family at all. You are not even sure if he is part of the home. He always goes the opposite way. He does not care a bit!

There is a reason why the believer is a sheep. We are wired to be led. There will be the leading by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit, and there is the place of fathers and teachers also. The instructions of fathers must align with the Word and that of the Spirit. Their presence gives us patterns to study and build after. 

Beloved, the cheat code to an amazing life is studying and following the pattern that the Word and the Spirit handed to the Fathers. 

I will be twelve years old on the journey of full-time ministry, and I have been on both sides of the divide- the side of the untrained and the side of the Fathered, I can tell you one is better. The journey is longer when you are trying to build your own road. Wake up to sonship!

© temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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