MAMA IS CALLING YOU (Lessons about Taking Life Seriously)

MAMA IS CALLING YOU (Lessons about Taking Life Seriously)

I was working in the library when Olive came to the door and said, “Daddy, Mama is Calling you”. I was almost responding when it occurred to me that Olive was most likely playing with me. I sat back. Olive ran off.

Some minutes later, I had reasons to step out of the library so I asked Irewamiri whether she actually called me, she answered in the negative. Why did I not respond to Olive? There were days I had responded and it turned out to be a baby joke. Smiles. I did not respond to her because I knew she was not serious.

In the same vein, life responds to those who are serious. The input you put into life is the output you will receive from it. If you joke with life, your life will be a joke also.

Some people are difficult to take seriously. Why? They have always taken life as a joke.

If you have a pattern of lying and cheating others to make any headway, over time people will become aware and you will lose any form of credibility. Life demands seriousness.

The weighty words and decisions of Jesus made his parents take him seriously also. At age 12, Jesus was saying words as heavy as, “Why are you worried about me, don’t you know I will be about my father’s business”. (Luke 2:49)

There is an adage in my culture that says that a child that will be very sharp would start showing signs from when he is quite small.

What signs are you showing today? What do the signs say about your future? It is easy to project the end of a man by the steps he is taking today.

A man that has mastered diligence will definitely end up in the company of the kings (Prov. 22:29)

A man that walks with fools will be destroyed. (Prov. 13:20)

A man who has the habit of borrowing will definitely remain a slave to the lender. (Prov. 22:7)

A man who loves sleep and hates hard work will definitely end up a poor man (Prov. 6:10,11)

A man who is always sinning sexually will end up as worthless as a crumb of bread (Prov. 6:26)

A man who does not run from challenges will end up influencing his generation.

It is a new month. It is time to reflect:

Will men take you seriously with the steps you are taking with your life now? Will life itself take you seriously? Life will give you back what you invest in it. Be serious with your life.

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