He looked at me that night and said, “I have done everything I can but the ministry is not growing”.

I asked him, “Describe how you feel in one word. And please dont try to sound like a pastor”. His answer was simple, “Frustrated”.

I could pick it. I could see it. He has put in so much money- big hall, expensive flyers, protocol officers, insruments and all.

One mistake that young people always make is:

They always want to enter Big- it will take magic to have in one year what it took an established vision 20 years to have. You are not a magician.

Do not compare your introduction to another person’s Chapter 7- you are just writing a story, they have reached a climax.

Your behind the scene can never be like their “on the stage” moment. Do not be a David in Saul’s armour, you may not live to share the story.

Own your process. Own your story. Do not package at the risk of your future.

There are a lot of things that I would love to do ministry wise but I have learnt to own my story.

I once told a friend, “Your tithe is my monthly pay. I cannot do the same thing you do”. He was shocked.

I once turned down the role of a being on a wedding train because I cannot afford to buy all that was needed. Own your story.

Life is in stages. Things come in seasons. Read up the story of great men- they did not happen suddenly.

Own your process. Give your best in your small moments. Do all you can with what have.

Learn about what those you admire did when they were at your level. My parents told me how their living room had no chairs when they got married- it took process.

Organize that wedding based on what you can afford and not based on an uncle’s promise or expectation from your parents.

Own your process!

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