That morning in his office, I told him: “Sir, I simply want to ask that I learn from you. Baba is a General. You are a Major General. There are things Baba will say that will take me years to understand. Can I constantly seek explanations from you too sir?”

That question redefined a lot of things for me in the next few years- I operated with better precision and insight.

Infact, my access to a lot of things, places and people improved drastically.

One of the challenges that we make as young people is that we keep running after big names while we neglect the help God has placed around us.

An average young person wants to pick a role model in someone that they cannot even access. You may read their books, listen to their teachings and all but the truth is you do not know them and they do not know you.

There are seeds of people that God has intentionally placed around you. It is easy to neglect the pastor of your local assembly and run after the Televangelist.

My pastor calls it a destination syndrome. You always believe other places are better than where God has placed you or other people are better than your local assembly pastor.

A simple secret: Follow someone who is following the person you really desire to follow also- access gets better that way.

Do not fall into the trap of dropping big names as your mentors and teachers that you do not know neither do they know you and cannot keep you accountable either.

Do not seek mentoring first in high places- maximize the relationships around you first.

Do not try climbing the ladder by skipping steps. Take one step at a time.

And by the way, Mentoring is not Marraige- seasons will come when life will put you in the hands of other mentors and teachers. Embrace it. But first, maximize the relationships around you.

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