For the first 3 years of my pastoring work, I simply thought I could get the work done by being prayerful, studious and preaching skillfully.

Honestly, I tried my best. I preached some great sermons but I missed it at the very core- I thought I could figure it out myself.

The first mistake that many young people make is the “I can figure it out myself” mindset.

We are a smart, result oriented and passionate geeneration. But passion can never replace the importance of being led by someone who knows the way, goes the way and can show the way to someone else.

The amazing insight I have gotten as a pastor in the past 4 years now is simply because I do not joke with training.

My spiritual father has once given me an instruction that took me 3 years to come to full cycle of what he told me to do. That is how powerful some insights can be.

One word at the breakfast table set me free from a burden of 3 years.

Stop using “I know all things” to magnify your folly. Say all you want, there are things that you cannot figure out on your own.

If you like be anointed like Jesus, you will still the womb of Mary, the support of Joseph and the announcement of John the Baptist. That is how God ordained it.

The glory of youth is in our strength but strength goes beyond our muscles. Wisdom is greater that strength.

The sword of Joshua will need the rod of Moses.

Stop wasting your time trying to figure things out yourself. There is nothing you want to do that will be outrightly new. It will be the continuation of something that pre-existed you!

Figuring it out yourself will take time if not your life-time. The unfortunate thing about it is that you would have offered your world a lesser version of what you could have been yet feeling like an achiever.

The challenge with the “I can figure it out mindset” is you will know what to do most times but you will rarely know how to go about it.

Get this right early in life. And no matter how old you are, it is never too late. I have heard of a 54 year old asking for mentoring. It is better late than never.

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