I saw the sincerity in his eyes. This is not a place he wants to be. He could not imagine how he got there in the first place.

Then I told him my personal discovery: “We all get tempted. I get tempted also. But I realise that it is always quite hard to cave in to temptation when I have not been joking with devotion”.

It is very easy to make stupid mistakes when we do not watch and pray. You do not fall into sin on the high speed lane of spiritual devotion.

Everyone who becomes a meat for temptation slowed down first. David slowed down before he got into his Bathsheba moment.

Judas stopped paying attention to the things Jesus was saying even when they were at the table. He was so close yet his mind was stolen. He wanted money!

On this journey, do not stop to salute sin. Be on the fast lane. No distractions.

Your mind begins to entertain silly thoughts when you are down emotionally. Your emotions wane when your spirit is not duly fed.

Like I always scream, what destroys us is not the temptations without, it is the emptiness we allowed within.

Check every moment you messed up, there was always that small moment to make a righteous decision but like Jesus said, “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”.

Simply put- The flesh has been fed fat and the spirit has been starved. We end up bowing to the flesh.

There are no better times to set guards than in exciting seasons when we want to unwind and relax a bit. Use your free time to feed up your spirit, build up your mental capacity and not just indulge your flesh.

One of the finest strength boosters I read this year is “Finishing Strong” (I read it often) and one of my lessons from it is this:

The devil is not in a hurry to see us fall. He plans, prepares and programmes it before he presents it.

How will you finish?

Stand strong soldier.
Fight for your Spiritual Vigour!
Stay Ablaze.
Give no space to the devil!
Burn and not burn out.

If you are at the edge of the cliff, stop walking now. Turn around. It is not worth it!

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