I walked up to one of my lecturers in the faculty and I explained to him- I have an invitation to speak outside the country but it is clashing with our end of the semester examination.

He said to him, “You will have to choose one”. I was sad.

At the long run, I did not travel to preach because other challenges came up also but you know what- I am grateful it did not work out eventually.

Why am I grateful? I would have gotten a stage without the necessary preparation.

The reason why some people fade away so soon is simply because they got the stage too early.

Opportunities are great. But before you cry and pray for opportunities, spend double the energy investing in building character and capacity.

Talent will open doors for you but character and capacity will keep you in the room.

A baby takes nine months in the womb and behind the scene. Why are you in a hurry to get out?

When Solomon was building the temple, the stones were cut and shaped off site. They were only fixed noiselessly on site.

There is a divine quarry where men are shaped.

There will be things you will go through that will seem to have no link to what you want to do. Be patient.

There will be times the cutting will be painful. It will seem as though you are losing opportunities. Be patient.

There is a lot of noise in the quarry so there will be silent impacts on site.

If you are still fighting for attention, seeking fame and popularity, and honestly struggling to fit in, you must have missed the quarry site.

Many people get into the future that they desperately hungered for and realise that there were lessons they missed in their previous season.

Stop crying. There are times God is not showcasing you yet not just because you are not ready but much more because a good opportunity must not become the end of greater opportunities.

If God does not finish working on you internally, it will take a lot of kingdom resources working on you while on the stage- it can even affect a whole generation.

A lot of details goes into the making of masterpieces- You are God’s masterpiece.

The strokes and lines must be perfect. Let Him paint the picture of His eternal purpose on your heart. Let Him clean up all the stuff that does not look like His plan.

When He is done and He showcases you, you will shock not just your world but even yourself!

Can I ask you: Why are you in a hurry?

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