I had made an earlier decision to give more to the Lord each time there is an opportunity to give. I was committed to it every week.

But then there was a meeting that was to last 5 days and about 9 sessions.

When it was time to give, I developed cold feet. I began to calculate. I did not want to give what I had promised to give.

I looked at what I had. I thought of needs. But then I sensed strongly that the Lord would have me give without reducing it in all sessions of the meeting.

My flesh screamed. But I obeyed.

God did more than I could imagine. Before I had to give, He provided more than I needed.

Friends, your condition must not change your kingdom commitment. Do not be pressured out of giving your best to God.

What was the condition of Abraham when he went to lay Isaac on the altar? God is always a step ahead of you.

Many times, we fail His test because of the demands of our flesh and the fear that grips our soul. Yet it is impossible to outgive God!

The true test of commitment comes when we have seemingly credible options that can replace kingdom giving. Giving must also be by faith and not by sight.

He that goes forth bearing the seed in tears will surely return rejoicing.

I know your bills have piled up but it is not an excuse to reduce your giving to the Lord.

The month you want to pay rent suddenly gets to compete with your weekend offering.

You must have decided on what you want to give and then give it. Do not reduce the sacrifice- you are missing out on learning commitment!

We give first because we love God. We give because we fear and honour God. We know God is first and nothing else.

Friends, your bills does not determine His will. His will is your commitment.

When it comes to giving, I would rather adjust my lifestyle than reduce divine commitment.

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