Back then in school, when I got a new note or a new term was just starting, I was super organised- I write the topic for the day and I underline it with red ink.

I put in my finest efforts into every line and stroke. But the finesse rarely lasts a month. I begin to write and my notes no longer have the red ink lines that brighten it.

After a while, I just do not care about the finesse, as long as I have a note, that’s perfect!

Occasionally, I begin to skip notes and then borrow to complete missing ones. Courses like Yoruba Language suffers this kind of fate.

Everyone can start a new thing- marriage, business, walk of faith and all. But the real deal is with those who have staying power.

I am glad that you started but the question is “will you stay?” If we come back 10 years from now, would you still be burning with the same passion with which you began?

If the devil cannot stop you from starting, he is definitely plotting so that you do not finish.

New things give us goose pimples and excitement drives us but would you still show much enthusiasm when the honeymoon is over?

The prize is not for those who start the race; it is for those who ran to till the end to obtain the prize.

Someone asked my brother, “Is Temiloluwa still in Eruwa pastoring?” My brother said “Yes”. He was surprised. Why? He started many years ago but did not last.

Be swift.
Be strong.
But much more- Finish Well.

If the flames of soul winning is still burning 20 years after, that is the real deal.
If the coals of romance in your marriage are aflame 40 years after, that is the real deal.

May all you speak about not be “We used to be…”

It is a long journey. Run with caution. The devil is not in a hurry to get you.

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