By the following morning when she stepped out to greet Dad, I spotted a swollen eye and some bruises. (I came in late the previous night)

“What happened to Danielle?” I asked
“She fell while running from the gate yesterday” Irewamiri replied

Guess what! From then, we keep saying to her, “Be careful” or “Don’t run” or “Stop that” or “Remember that is how you fell”.

But she would not take all those from us- she stays full of life, playing when she wants and how she wants.

I honestly believe that when Jesus says we should have faith like a child, this is part of the deal.

We must not allow our past falls to keep us from running again.

If all you keep doing is reminding yourself of how you fell when will you get a grasp on the vision on how you will stand and run and impact your world?

When an adult falls, he starts analysing why he fell so it would not happen again- it is good. When a child falls, the child cries and a few hours later begins to run again.

I think in our life’s journey, we need this super combo- the wisdom to weigh our past mistakes but the courage and faith not to also sit in them and make them weigh us down.

When your past failure becomes a weight, do you know what you do to it? You lay them aside and you run the race.

A lot of things will be going through your head but let it not keep you from taking leaps of faith- huge ones.

A lot of people get stuck in their past simply while their future keeps calling but the fear of a fall keeps them from the trophy that faith supplies.

It is righteousness to stand after you fall. Do not sit in your fall. Get up! Soldier. Get up. Comrade. Get up. You have a crown to receive.

When you fall, do not stop running. What you need to do is what Hebrews said to us: “Run with patience”.

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