My daughter walked into our room with a white envelope in her hands. She opened it and I knew it was empty. But then, she dipped her hands into the empty envelope and stretched her hands towards me.

I was wondering what the drama was about so I stretched my hand to receive her imaginary gift. She dipped her hands in mine and said, “Dad, take and use it to buy chin-chin for me”. She went to her mum and did the same.

At that moment, the Lord ministered to my heart what childlike faith was like. A child-like faith is simple and full of trust. It has no doubt. It believes that anything is possible- even buying things from an empty envelope.

An adult looks at an empty envelope or low bank account and is worried. A child says we can still buy something if we do not interpret the empty envelope as lack of resources.

Child-like faith interprets situations in the light of what the Father has said and not in the light of their situation. It does not matter, we know Daddy will come through.

Friends, how much do you trust the Lord? The fact that it is not seen does not mean it does not exist. Where else is faith needed? Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

Faith is putting trust in God regardless of evidences but much more regardless of consequences.

I read about John G. Lake when he was about to check into a country when they did not even have the required cash of 125 dollars that would grant them entry. His wife asked, “What are we going to do?”. He said, “I am going to line up and join the rest. We have obeyed God this far. It is now up to the Lord”.

He was ready to explain when asked. He would at least try. But a man called him aside from the queue. He asked some few questions and handed 200 dollars over to him.

Beloved, that is child-like faith! It is tough for the person who is full of experience and not full of obedience.

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