After picking up the family from work, we stopped by in church office so I could pack my bags and then head home. The moment I packed in front of the church building, Olive began to jump excitedly in the car.

Her mum said, “If you don’t allow her to get down and go inside the church, she will start crying”. That’s true.

There was a day we drove past the church and she began to jump but the moment we passed by without stopping, she began to cry.

She reminds me of the Psalmist we said:

When they said, “Let’s go to the house of God ,” my heart leaped for joy.
Psalm 122:1‭ MSG

What is the state of your heart when it comes to being a part of a local church and attending meetings in church? Do you grumble especially when it is midweek service or your unit meetings?

A generation complained that church attendance is too much but those who birthed the work had church daily and they were excited about it. At the same time, they were not nonentities in the society.

They were so influential that there presence impacted the community where they were. The church should be a place where our hearts are lifted and our edge spiritually sharpened.

Beloved, if you are getting transformed in church, you will surely be full of joy. If hope is restored when all hope is lost, you will be full of joy. If you have built a community of friends that share things in common, church will be the place to be.

If indeed a word comes for you and prayers get answered, you will love to be in church.

Jesus had a great custom of attending the synagogue in his days on earth. He was not even a bench warmer. He stood up to read the Word and give exhortation.

Are you excited about church?
Or has it just become ‘that routine’ for you?

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