“OLIVE! OLIVE!! OLIVE!!!” (The Cries of a Loving Sister)

We were all in front of the church preparing to go home when Danielle shouted, “Olive. Olive. Olive”. I wondered what the matter was. Then I noticed a church member carried Olive. They were walking away from the car to take care of some children.

Danielle thought they were taking her sister away from her. She screamed and called our attention to it.

It tells me about how powerful brotherly love should be: Take advantage of every opportunity to be a blessing to others, especially to our brothers and sisters in the family of faith!
Galatians 6:10 TPT

If you are a Christian, you must have the love of a brother and the watchfulness of a soldier- not just over your own needs but over the needs of others who are part of the family of faith.

When you see your brother or sister in the faith getting carried away by other things, talk to the Father on their behalf and scream lovingly to get their attention.

You must not be too busy with your life that you forget to extend a hand of care to those who are burdened and broken!

Maturity takes your eyes from just yourself and your own needs- it broadens your view. A mature believer sees beyond his own needs as he ministers to the needs of others. Maturity broadens your heart.

David and his men lost a whole city but they were kind enough to minister to the need of an Egyptian slave. Peter had a horrible day at work but he still offered his boat (without showing attitude) to Jesus.

Maturity is understanding that kingdom service goes beyond your mood! Maturity says, “God I may not have all I desire to have but I am still and will always be available for you”.

When you are just engrossed in yourself and your needs without paying attention to kingdom assignments, Jesus would look at you and ask, “Do you love me more than these?”

Is there someone around you that you need to pray for today?

Is there anyone that used to be regular in church but does not show up again?

Is there someone that you know who has been hurt and offended?

Is there someone you need to scream his or her name today?

Be a brother.
Be a soldier.

Get kingdom attention on that person. Let it start with you!

There is love in sharing

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