The thoughts in my head was not as smooth as the Lekki-Epe Expressway in Lagos. The romance between the tyres of the car and the road inside Victoria Island explained the moment I was about to have- a face to face time out with my brother-in-law (to be) and his spouse.

The best question of that night (in my honest opinion) was “How does your typical day look like?”. When a young man in “full-time” ministry wants to marry your sister, you need to be sure he is not one of the lazy ones out there. I reeled out my daily schedule. Guess I passed! (Because I have my wife now).

(Pause: Describe your typical day. Are you proud of it?)

A day that you wake up without a plan is dead on arrival. The root of success is hidden in your daily routine. One of the challenges of this season is that you have time within your grasp but if you are not careful, by the time the day is out, you may realise that time slipped out of your grip and you gained nothing fruitful in return.

You cannot say you are self-employed or you are a Pastor and you are still lounging at 10 am, strolling with a towel around your waist and maintaining communion with your phone. Except your business is Social Networking, you have no business spending almost the whole day on Social Media. A day that is a social success is already a business failure.

Christianity and irresponsibility must remain two parallel lines. Christianity and Laziness should not mix. You must be an example of diligence, commitment and excellence. Preach it with words and conduct. Be indispensable at work because of quality delivery.

If you are working from home, make sure it is work indeed. Take rest but do not become a sleeping giant.

Diligence is a line drawer- it divides men into two- those who will stand before kings and those who will romance smallness! Which company will you be?

By the time this season is over, diligence would have drawn the line- some people will realise that they have lost optimal performance and space among the best because things are shifting and people will not emerge at the same level.

Crisis will always throw some people up while it will bury others. We do not make waves but with diligence and a sense of timing (and some guts), we sure can ride the waves.

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