I was chatting with a dear friend who said some profound words that no one has ever said to me in eight years of ministry. It lifted my spirit man so much that I had some tiny drops of tears swelling up. I knew it was not a bluff because this is a family that shows care by actions and not just by words.

In crisis, your Pastor does more than you think often at the expense of his personal convenience- watch closely and do not take them for granted.

A sincere Pastor is wired to see that the needs of others are met while they look up to God to meet theirs. They cannot say to their community “Look to God” when the community looks to them.

David and his men were in the middle of the same crisis but his men added to his pain by discussing about stoning David. He had to find his strength in God.

Most sincere pastors will never discuss their needs. A shepherd will talk to another shepherd rather than fleece the sheep. He would likely confide in another Pastor. Hence, Pastors must also be willing to help Pastors. The fact that a brother reaches out does not make him less anointed than you are. The day will come when it would not be David killing the giant but David being protected by another soldier from the deadly blow of a giant.

Very few Pastors hear encouraging words. Speak it to them. Very few Pastors have a solid network of help- you can make a difference in your Pastor’s life. Many are calling to check up on their members without anyone doing the same to them. Be deliberate.

Truth be told, the Church is the final hope of a lot of people this season. Many are reaching out to churches and Pastors for help these days. Some Pastors are also reaching out to other Pastors for help.

Do not stop giving. If you stop giving when you have the means to because you are no longer in a building, you did not believe in giving before- you were only observing a convenient routine.

Do not stop following the teachings of your Pastor. If you do it at your convenience now, you have not mastered discipline in the first place. Service is tested when no eye sees you and no one would commend you.

Do you still take notes? You are a steward in church but you now watch movies at midweek service time. Now that the pace of work is not an excuse, do you connect with your church for midweek service?

As much as you do it for personal growth, beloved, your growth is the joy of your Pastor.

Crisis is our maturity class- everything will be tested. Your motive will be revealed. Do not fail God. Do not disappoint or waste the effort of your Pastor.

And take a moment today to send a text, call and check up on your Pastor also. Say “Thank You”. Show them they are in your thoughts and prayers as well. Tell them you were blessed as they taught. Drop a lesson you learnt. Feedback is the oxygen to do more in even better ways.

Thank your Pastor today! Show care. Pray for them.

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