We needed some fuel very early in the morning. As we drove out to get fuel, we already knew the station that would be open at that time. It did not matter how far it was, we drove all the way to get what we needed.

When it comes to destiny matters and your spiritual growth- do not make decisions because it is the most convenient at the moment.

Men who are ready to pay the price do not ask, “What is convenient for me now?”. They ask, “What is profitable for my destiny?”

For instance, you did not go to the nearest school, you went to the school that offered the course you wanted to study. Even for your elementary education, your parents chose a school that they know would supply what you need at that phase in life.

It is amazing that when it comes to spiritual growth and education, some choose to settle for convenience. You do not choose a church because it is close to your house, you choose because you know that it will be a place of instruction for you on the journey of God’s plan and purpose for you.

Do you know what Paul called the Church when he wrote to Timothy? The ground and the pillar of truth (1 Tim. 3:15). It is a place of instruction and training.

When I was serving the nation and was to choose the church to attend, I did not make a convenient choice. I ensured that I was led by the Lord. Today, that decision has become a major part of life’s journey- I was trained and blessed with significant relationships that are still very Impactful today.

Do not choose a church sentimentally. You can choose the wrong tailor and still be fine but when you are wrongly pastored or shepherded, destiny is at stake. Please, be led.

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