We started out a vegetable garden in our compound. Irewamiri did something- she decided to cage all the roaming hens in the compound before planting the seeds. She said, “If I allow them to roam, they will eat up the seed. They will be in the cage until the seeds grow”.

You have an assignment to protect the seed especially when it is still vulnerable.

Even Jesus came as a seed that needed to be protected when He was still a baby. God needed the sensitivity, prompt obedience and courage of Joseph to ensure that Baby Jesus was not caught in the plots of the wicked king called Herod.

The Psalmist said that a seed can actually be an entire generation. A generation can be locked up in a seed. If the seed is not well taken care of, an entire generation is lost.

A seed shall serve him; it shall be accounted to the Lord for a generation.
Psalms 22:30 KJV

From the beginning, the devil had been going after seeds. The serpent would go after the seed of the Woman. That was the strategy from Genesis. It is the same in the book of Revelations.

It is a battle of seeds. The seed must be protected. The seed must be preserved.

It took the boldness of Amram and Jochebed to protect Baby Moses because they saw this was a different seed. It took a proactive Miriam to plant Moses in the right hands protected by palace privileges. What if they did not go the extra mile for the seed? How long would a generation have stayed in captivity?

There is a seed of the Kingdom in your hands.
You are also a kingdom seed for your time.
There is a seed of the Lord in your home.
There can be a seed in your heart.

The seed must be protected. How?

Plant the seed. That is the secret to multiplication. The burial of the seed is the passage to its resurrection.

Do not sleep. Protect the seed. While men slept, the enemy came and planted his own seed hence making the work harder.

Remember the two prostitutes that gave birth in the days of Solomon- One slept so much and slept on her child (the seed). The other slept so much that she did not know when the seed was exchanged and replaced.

Beloved, we are in days where you have to be sensitive. Protect the seed. Do not sleep on it. Do not sleep it off.

Protect the seed at all cost.

Imagine Pharaoh killed the boy Moses?
Imagine Herod got the baby Jesus?

Can God trust you with a Generation locked up in a seed?

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