Just as we about heading to church on Sunday morning, Danielle asked me, “Daddy, we have prayed right?” I said, “Yes we prayed at 5.30 am but you were still sleeping”. The next thing she said shocked me, “So I woke up late again”. I was awed.

Her definition of waking up late was missing family devotion. Her awareness stirred something in me.

A child will be careless if parents do not lay a solid foundation that teaches the importance of keeping to time. Indiscipline is also learnt. Having a consistent time of family devotion can be your child’s first home training on the importance of timing.

You cannot just pray at anytime that is convenient as a family. You are raising the next generation to be careless without knowing. There are days you pray at 6 am, at other times, you just rush devotion in the car and on Saturdays, you wait for everyone to wake up before you pray. We should not mention many days that there are no family devotions.

Dear young couple, develop the habit of praying together as a family before your seeds begin to arrive. Personal devotion should not replace Family devotion. Each has its unique roles. Pray together.

Dear parents, you are training an entire generation- you cannot joke with that responsibility. For some of us, our first Bible training school was family devotion. It taught us the word but it also taught us the discipline of time and the power of consistency.

Once a child is becoming aware of timing, maturity is already taking place. A man that does not value time is a child locked up in adult skin. A child that understands time is a man locked up in baby looks.

One of the great virtues for building a great life is the discipline of time and consistency. Great nations value time and do not joke with consistence. Go and check out nations that are underdeveloped and their attitude when it comes to time and consistency. Dear parents, you are raising nations.

Jesus developed awareness early in life. He knew there was the business of His Father. He had a consistent habit of fellowshipping in the Synagogue. He also stood up and took responsibilities.

There is no doubt that Mary and Joseph definitely played great parental roles also. Joseph was keen on hearing and obeying God promptly. Mary was keen on doing the will of God.

If God wants to bless the world with a great seed, would God gladly use your family?

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