My wife came into Eruwa as a corps member. All the way from orientation camp to Eruwa, she played the role of encouraging worried and crying colleagues.

But when night set and she was all alone, she cried also. She could not imagine why a town could be as quiet as a graveyard at night.


I want to speak today to that person who encourages all others during the day but cries yourself to bed when no one else is there.

I want to speak to the one who will read this and wipe a tear before summing up courage to go to face the day.

I want to talk to that person who has the right words to speak to others but cannot seem to find it for himself or herself.

Right on the spot where you are crying, there is a well of rejoicing.

Hagar and Ishmael were sent packing. The food and water supply ran out in the wilderness. Hagar cried. Ishmael cried.

Hagar did not want Ishmael to die. Ishmael can be a picture of the future. God heard the cry of the lad.

That future you see will not die in your arms. Right now, there is an opening of your eyes to see your well of supply.

Right now, you see the well that causes the tears that swell up in your eyes to dry up.

Whatever the well stands for in your walk at this moment, may you see it!

Just like Ruth, where you begged and bent to survive, may you stand to possess!

Your eyes will see the glory of the Lord. Weep not.

Where my wife cried in her first night has turned around to the place where she smiles by my side each day.

Your turn to smile is now!

There is love in sharing

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