I got home from school in my third year. It was late in the evening. I greeted mum and I asked after dad. Mum replied gleefully, “Your dad has gone to pray in the school compound. You have infected him with that location”.

I had a culture of praying late in the night on the corridor of the storey building anytime I was home.

My brother told me once, “When I saw you organise the first Night of David and pulled together almost 400 youths, I knew I could do great things too. Something switched on in me”

Dear friend, every move you make towards God is a testimony for others to do the same.

For instance, the fact that I could leave the legal profession to preach the gospel from a small town has inspired one or two others to pick up God’s call too. Some are still contemplating.

Whether you know it or not, you are a silent influencer. You are either infusing someone else with courage or fear; excellence or mediocrity; faith or doubt.

If you really know the impact of your decisions, you will be wiser in making your choices.

Abraham became an example of faith. David became a reference for courage and walking with God. Esau became a reference for the deceitfulness of instant gratification. Judas became an example of greed and betrayal.

There are men in our world today who are worthy examples. We have bad examples too.

You would have to decide with your actions the type of legacy you will leave behind.

You can influence your family, friends and even foes. Shine the light as a believer. Let us make a maximum impact together.

There is love in sharing

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