We were visiting with my spiritual father. At the family devotion in the morning, we use the devotional written by him. At that moment, I realised that there was a huge difference in reading what he wrote and sitting with the author himself as he shared and blessed us.

Friends, you can read the Bible without knowing the author of the Bible but you can never come into an understanding and light of what is written without a relationship with the author.

The Word of God is spirit. We cannot read it with a carnal mindset. The things of God will be foolishness to the carnal man. The carnal man cannot understand spiritual things.

How do you explain to man blind from birth that the orange is green? He does not know green. He cannot understand green. It is in the same vein that a man who is not spiritual will find it hard to understand the Word of the Lord- they are spirit.

The Ethiopian Eunuch was returning from church and he was reading the scriptures. Phillip approached his chariot and asked if he understands what he is reading. He told Phillip that he does not understand. Phillip stepped in to explain the Word to him. Reading the Word is different from understanding the Word.

You must approach the Word with reverence. Every time you open the Bible, you are fellowshipping with the Father. You must tell every channel of your spirit to open up. You need to let your soul know that it is now in fellowship with the Father. Mundane things must go away. It is a spirit to spirit connection. The deep needs to hear from the deep.

Pray in the Spirit and ask the Holy Spirit for help and light as you look into the Word. The word will come alive.

Your study life will never be the same again once you understand that you are sitting with the author. You will hear his voice and pick his heartbeat and your life will never be the same again. Your heart will catch flames. You will rejoice at the Word as you find treasures that can be compared to none.

Read the Word of God with the following:

1. A Great Appetite: You should salivate for the Word of God. Desire it. Do you still feel hungry when you have not studied the Word of God or it has become the norm for you?

2. The Right Attitude: Have the attitude of a child (a newborn baby). You must long for the word with the heart that is simple and willing to learn.

3. The Right Aim: When you study the Word of God the Aim must be for growth. You are not looking for points to use for teaching or argument. You are simply after growth. Do not look for what is not missing. Let the word cut through the carnality hidden in your soul and stir you to deeper consecration.

That was what the Apostle Peter was saying when he said, “Like newborn babes (attitude), desire the sincere milk of the word (appetite) that you may grow thereby (aim)”

Hope you get it?

There is love in sharing

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