I was alone in the church office. I had made up my mind to throw all I can into the work of the ministry. After the break-up, my energy for ministry work tripled.

Some few months into this episode, God broke the ice one morning. He said, “Son, spend some time praying for your future wife”.

I argued and kicked against it- I was not interested. Why waste my time? Who would marry one pastor in Eruwa? Let me just focus on your call Lord- nothing more or less!

But I still prayed that day. I caught the first impression of my wife that same hour.

Can I tell you this? Let nothing stop you from investing in prayers for the man or woman you will marry even if you do not know who they are yet.

Prayer works out the will of God. Prayer grants divinity permission to work in the realm of humanity.

Prayer will begin to create a scent, an aura or a perfume around you that your intended spouse will recognise and love.
Prayer will let the person walk in line with God’s will. My wife did not like anything ministry or pastors. She did not know herself but she thought she did. Prayer tuned her to the right frequency.

You do not have to know the person yet. Just begin to declare who the person will be in God- a lover of God, a person of wisdom, a graceful spouse and all you desire.

Prayer brings your spouse-to-be into the frequency of the will of God.

Pray today!

There is love in sharing