As a small boy, I had a standard ritual for waking up (don’t laugh at me): I would call out each morning, “Mummy, I am awake”. Mummy comes to sit on my bed. I climb on her back. She turns around and I glide off her back. That’s how the day starts (don’t feel jealous if you did not have that winks).

But the fun ended sometimes at age 4. I screamed as usual and mum did not respond. I added, “Mummy, I said I am awake”. But even the authoritative style did not work. Mummy heard me but she did not respond. Daddy told her she must not. I broke into tears and wept for long.

After a while, soaked in my tears, I glided off the bed, set my feet on the floor for the first time without “sweet mother’s back”.

Daddy said “Congratulations. Now you are growing up”.

Listen! Enough of being a baby Christian- crying for support, stuck in a cradle and never willing to take a stand. You still consult prayer contractors. You cannot read the word except it is preached on Sundays. You cannot take a weekly fast. You have not led one soul to Jesus!

A new baby is a blessing but a baby who refuses to grow is a burden.

Stop waiting for “emotional support”. Stop complaining that “no one has visited you from church”. Grow up! Take responsibility.

I hereby declare that there is no vacancy at the creche or daycare of the Holy Ghost for you. Grow up!

There is love in sharing