I cannot remember what we were eating that lovely afternoon but I know it was a great meal. Our neighbour’s son walked in and quietly leaned on the doorpost of the dining room.

My elder sister spotted the young boy (he is a big man now) and made a statement that I can never forget. She said, “Why are you looking like Jack?”. The boy was obviously embarrassed and retorted in Yoruba, “bi jacki, bi jacki?” (Like Jack, Like Jack? )

Can I introduce Jack to you? Jack is a lovely brown and black well fed local dog- our neighbourhood pet! Now you understand the boy’s annoyance.

Beloved, you must at no point take a posture that makes your identity in Christ questionable. There is no time in your life as a believer that your conduct must be comparable to that of that which is not of God- none!

You are planted as trees of righteousness and your fruit must be that of the Spirit.

You must LOVE no matter what. Where did you get mood swing? You must always radiate JOY. If you wait on anything or anyone to make you joyful, you are in for a roller-coaster ride. Only Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Be PATIENT. Do not fall for anything that promises a miracle without a process. Show KINDNESS. Do not say “Good for them” when evil befall those you do not like. Radiate GOODNESS. Be FAITHFUL in little things. Stay GENTLE. Touch lives.

Stay far from greed. Exercise SELF CONTROL with money, power and even sexual temptations.

You must never look like Jack. It is a terrible appelation on God’s grace in your life.

Do not let the economy change your attitude. Do not let unpaid salaries turn you to a terrible terror of your house and your street. Do not let a past hurt stop you from showing love. The fact that you were wounded should not make you wound others.

Radiate only what God’s Spirit has birthed within you.

I will be praying for you.

There is love in sharing

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