As a young man, I went to preach in a church. I noticed that the eyes of a young lady in the choir seemed to square with mine at all times my eyes went in that direction. I was not comfortable. One way or the other, some of the folks in the church got to ask for my contact (these days I am wiser. I would refer them to their pastor). The lady in question got my contact also.

The calls began to roll in evening after evening. One of the days she called and spoke till she said, “I don’t even know what to say again”. I replied, “Eeyah! I know what to say”. She definitely got excited. I simply said, “Goodnight” and I dropped the call. That was the last time I had such a moment.

Friends, you must know when to draw the line. What started with a simple phone conversation can become an obsession with attention. If you crave attention, you will do anything to have it.

It feels good been called sweet names like “Darling, Sweetheart, Baby and all” but you need to be careful. Draw the line fast. Some brothers have been calling sweet names and putting sisters in the “prison of emotional expectations”. Stop it! Draw the line.

You wake her up in the morning with sweet words and check up on her with “Have you eaten?” in the afternoon and close it with “Dream of me” at night. Be careful brother and sister.

If you are a minister of the gospel, the pressure to make people feel at home around you can make you cross emotional lines. Stay ministerial. Focus on your assignment in their life and destiny. You must know when to draw the line.

Do not pour emotional strength into a convert whom you are meant to groom spiritually. Do not cross the line. If you notice that you are becoming attached to a person you are counselling, refer the person to someone else.

We do not want sorry tales of “good intentions gone south”. At times, the trap of godly men and women is a good intention.

Dear brother, when she is crying and you are alone with her, do not hug her to console her. Let me repeat, do not hug her! Know when to draw the line.

Dear sister, do not start collecting his gifts and calling him names. It is better you make your stand known.

Finally, marriage is not an excuse for you to let down your guard. Married people also get into the trap of adultery while trying to fill the emotional void of another man or woman.

Know when to draw the line. May the Lord keep us all from falling. Amen.

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