One of the young men I pastor has a great story: In the process of his integration into the church, he wanted to be a part of the Music Team. Eventually, he was posted to the Media Unit. It was not what he wanted but he took it in good strides.

He deployed the initial skills that he had and got to learn from others on the team also. He had to design almost every day. It was demanding. He actually ended up still working with the music team during his stay here.

This is the deal: Since he left Eruwa, everything he does today and the doors the Lord has opened for him are all based on the skills he honed while serving in church. He does all the devotional designs till date.

Friends, lack of sensitivity had made a lot of people reject offers that did not come wrapped in the package that they wanted. The process that should have become the fertile ground for their seed and the training ground for their greatness has been despised. They have trampled on opportunities.

The book of Job says something powerful- They cut tunnels in the rocks and uncover precious stones. (Job 28:10 NLT) When you see rocks, do not run away. There are always treasures hidden in hard places.

If you run away every time it is challenging, you have missed out on an opportunity to grow. Challenges are the food of champions. If you make decisions based on your carnal desires alone, you will miss moments supplied by the Spirit.

The church is one of the finest training grounds (if not the finest). If you are in a church that prioritizes discipleship but would equally not joke with honing your skills, you are in a great place.

Every spiritual exercise has earthly relevance. If you are bold enough to evangelise, you can sell and market products and services also. If you can study the Word and spend time in prayer, you can dig into challenges and find answers.

I have friends today that the organizational skills they gained from being a part of various committees in campus fellowship is still part of what they use and deploy in their corporate spaces in other forms.

They budget and monitor the performance. They defend why their departments should get funds. They coordinate meetings. Church has what it takes to train you for life.

If it comes in a package you do not like, watch closely and be sensitive. It can be your training ground for great things.

The interesting thing is my wife did not come in a package that I expected- I wanted a praying and firebrand wife but she was not even baptized in the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues. Ah! It was major. But I did not know what God had in store. She caught a fire and it has not reduced an inch.

Be sensitive when godly opportunities come in a package that you do not like.

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