For a long time, the lever of the water closet in our restroom was broken. Whenever we wanted to flush, we would lift the lid and pull the spring inside.

Months later, I got a plumber to fix it for us. But this is what happened- I would still go into the restroom and lift up the lid to pull the spring. I would have pulled before I remember that it had been fixed.

You do not know the power of a defect until you are made whole. Your mind can be so messed up that you are now free from slavery but you can give up freedom in order to get the onions and garlic of slavery.

A protégé of mine mentioned that the first time he travelled to England, he rushed to press his clothes “before there is a power cut”. His brother had a good laugh and told him, “This is not Nigeria”. His mind had been messed up by a faulty system.

If you have ever been abused and your mind get used to it, it would be difficult to relate with genuine love. Why? The mind has been messed up.

Friends, sin messed up our mind so much that we cannot comprehend how a loving God can forgive it all. Sin wrecked so much havoc that our spontaneous response is always a sinful one.

You have forgotten that you are now the redeemed of the Lord. You still burst out in anger. You still rush to get a feel of that lady’s bosom. You still want to hurt those who hurt you. Then you pick the prompt of the Spirit saying, “You are no longer with defects. Your choices have to change”.

We get so used to defects that we do not realise how stressful it is to live with it. Friends, there is sweetness in wholeness.

Refuse to allow your mind to settle into thinking that all marriages are just like what you saw with your parents- fights, emotional abuse, financial disagreement, lack of trust and marital unfaithfulness.

Refuse to allow your mind to settle into thinking that every lady who drives a good car must be sleeping with a “big man”. Reject that devilish programming.

Refuse to allow your mind to settle into thinking that every church that has multitudes must have watered down the gospel- that is the devil attacking your mindset. God loves increase. The early church had a sudden growth from 120 to 3000. It was not “jazz”. It was Jesus Christ.

Refuse to allow your mind to settle into thinking that no man can’t be trusted or you must not tell a woman everything or a man must cheat. That is a defect that will wreck the foundation of any marriage.

What has your mind accepted?
What lid are you still lifting while you forget that the lever is already fixed?
What defect have you accepted as a standard?
Would you open it up to God for Him to fix by His Word?

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