Dad spent his toddler days in the village before his uncle took him to the city.

Back in the days, whenever they go to the farm and they needed fire to cook. They would lift up their eyes to check for where smoke signs can be found.

Someone runs to fetch fire from the source of the smoke signal.

The fetcher has an assignment to keep the fire aflame till he gets back to base where it is used to light a new fire.

Thanks for inventions to light a fire now but I love their experience.

First, do an appraisal of your network. Do you have people that a discussion with them set you aflame? Are you in a circle that sets you on godly fire? Do you have a circle that sparks vision within you.

Do not be far from fire lighters.

Second, you have an assignment to keep the fire burning. Do not get back to base without a burning flame- it would be a waste. Dont burn out.

It is not just about speed. Do not sacrifice the flames of spiritual vigour on the altar of speedy acquisition of material things.

You are on the fast lane but the flames of devotion is dying fast also. Slow down. Fan the flame. That is the real mission. That is the call. That is the assignment.

Third, when you get to base, the tiny flame has to light up other pieces of wood or coal.

The reason why you are lighted and fired up is so that you can impact others.

That is why you come to church on Sundays so you can carry the flames into Mondays to Saturday.

Take the flame into your classroom. Take it into offices. Take it into board rooms. Take it to the buses.

It will be a shame to grow cold and dead around combustible materials.

Your world is waiting for the flame you carry- a good meal depends on it.

Finally, return with flames that can start a fire.

That single piece of coal cannot cook a meal. It needs to light other pieces.

Whose fire are you lighting?
Whose vigour are you reawakening?
Whose passion are you rekindling?
Whose flames are you fanning?

One coal is enough to start a fire but it is not enough to cook a meal.

Light up others with a word of encouragement, with the gospel of Christ, with a gift or a smile that shows you care!

There is love in sharing
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