I was preparing for service that night when I stumbled on these words in my bible, “I am sorry Lord for yesterday”.

Definitely, that is not a bible verse. It was a thought I penned down some years back as I studied the word.

It jumped at me once more. It was right under these verse: “I have found David, son of Jesse, a man after my own heart; He will do everything I want him to do”

I am sure that word leaped out at me that day. It must have been a rebuke for my unyieldedness to the instructions of the Holy Spirit.

What’s the point today?

Before you dig out some high sounding revelation in God’s Word, let the Word dig out every unyielding part in you first.

Before you see something in between the lines, let the Word fix your spiritual alignment.

Let your heart be open to take the rebuke and correction of the Word of God.

A right heart is still God’s delight. A broken spirit is still attractive to Him. Do not grandstand when the Word rebukes you- you will end up slipping off the path of righteousness.

I know you rejoice and scream at the Word but when last did you mess up your face as the Holy Spirit through the Word cuts away a part of you that only the Word can deal with?

Excitement does not change our lives. It is adjustment that does the miracle.

And please it is your bible. Mark it. Write on it. You may not check back some notes but you will likely stumble again on what you wrote beside verses that strike you.

I stil believe that the finest revelation of God’s Word is a changed life and not a deep teaching.

It is not always about what you have caught in the Word; it is more about what the Word is cutting away from you- it is still the Sword of The Spirit.

My question is not “Have you caught something new from the Word?” My question is “Has the Word cut some old things and habits from you?”

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