Our childhood friends had lovely bicycles at different times. We would join them to ride. They had other lovely games also. Some of them were gifts from their relatives.

One of those days, I went to Dad to ask that he should also buy us bicycles too.

Blue Road Bike

Daddy’s response became a life mantra, “Son, we give you what we can afford”.

That ended the discussion.

Friends, pressure is real. And at times, it can be subtle. If you stop to ask yourself why you do some of the things you do, you may see pressure at the base of it.

There are times we want people to know that we have something going on. Check your motive!

When two kids talk, you see a subtle pressure. If a child mentions how his Uncle bought him a toy car. The other is likely to respond that his aunt bought him one last week too (even if it is a lie).

Packaging is getting to replace process. Contentment is flying out of the window.

In an era where the substance of life is measured by acquisition of “things” , be sure you are not pressured.

Play your harp well in the wilderness, someone will talk about it in the palace soon.

Obscurity helps to shape attitude and character. In obscurity, you develop strength.

Do not be like Adonijah. He put himself forward to be king. He had to get himself everything else- horses, hired men and all others. He still lost all.

Be a man of vision but do not fall victim of inordinate ambitions.

The pressure of living up a “packaged reality” will damage you internally. Run from it.

Be like my dad, rejoice with your friends about their bicycles and toys. Be patient, yours will come.

And even if it did not come, at least you got the spiritual gift of patience and you learnt how to be content.

Before you talk, ask yourself why? Why must I say it?

And a candid piece of advice: Run from any company that puts you under unnecessary pressure!

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