There was a season when Irewamiri and I had a particular issue that we always avoided talking about. The moment we began the conversation, we both knew it would likely lead to an argument. Once our conversation goes in that direction and it starts getting heated a bit, we would throw the issue under the carpet again.

One day, it got to the height and it seemed to get harder the more we tried to talk about it. We eventually asked for guidance and counsel from our spiritual parents. One of the statements that we cannot forget was the admonition that we should never behave like ‘spiritual orphans’. It rang a bell in us.

Communication is a major skill you need to master that will help you in tough times. I always say to sons and daughters in the faith, “You give us permission in your lives by communicating your seasons to us”. It is always painful to see that issues have degenerated before counsel is sought.

There was an issue that had gotten so messy. I kept asking, “Why did you not say anything when it was just starting”. The usual answer is “I did not want to bother you”. My response is always “Are we not now bothered when it has become a huge issue”.

Beloved, you must master the art of communication in relationships. Communication will open you up to counsel. When counsel is solid, you get to do mighty deeds.

great in counsel, and mighty in work:
Jeremiah 32:19 KJV

If you are being mentored, build the skill of asking questions, sharing about your season, and getting counsel. When was the last time you got feedback from a mentor? Build the art of communication.

If you are going through a transition season, communicate it. Sometimes, you get counsel. At times, you get contacts. Some other times, it may be prayers. It helps to build that relationship.

There is great counsel I have gotten because I communicated our season. From my early days in ministry, I would even write a full account quarterly and send it to my mentors. I remember one of them challenged me once with his response, “I love all you have written and you are doing but I see no room for prayers”. It woke up the awareness that ministry was not mere activities. It must be soaked in intercession.

We would have made a great financial error at a point. We communicated with our spiritual parents and we got the counsel that reshaped it all.

We would have made a great mistake at a transition point once. Our dear teacher simply shared steps on what we had to do. It has saved us a lot of stress.

If you have spiritual parents or a pastor or mentors, do well by communicating regularly. It is better to learn than to grieve. It is better to build well than to repair.

Work on your communication.

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

There is love in sharing

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