One day, I was trying to reverse the car and accidentally got one of the tyres at the back into a drainage. I was stuck. I did not know what to do. Then someone showed up, an elderly man who had experience driving. He looked at the situation and requested that I pull out the car jack. Someone else fitted the jack and lifted the car. He asked for a strong stool. They placed it under the tyre in the drainage. He asked me to drive. It all came out with ease. 

I would have been on that spot for longer hours if there had been no help from and collaboration with those men. 

Many are stranded because of their unwillingness to collaborate and receive help. You cannot do mighty things all by yourself. 

Collaboration is a joint effort of multiple individuals to achieve a task. Collaboration will never thrive where competition is in place. You must be willing to collaborate with others to achieve your goal. It involves humility and patience most times. 

One of the hardest things for some people to ask for is help. At times, it is pure arrogance. Sometimes, it is hinged on ignorance. But no matter what, it will keep you in the same spot. 

There is no great thing that you will ever get to do on your own. With vision, it is said that people will perish, but without people, you must also know that vision will perish. 

There are instances of collaboration all over the scriptures: 

There was no way Adam would fulfill God’s mandate alone. It was not good for the man to be alone. There is a need for the woman. That’s the complete team. It is a need for companionship, intimacy, and procreation. One of the strongest attacks of the devil is on marriages and families. 

Some of the finest examples are Moses, Joshua, Aaron, and Hur. When the Amalekites attacked Rephaim, Moses called on Joshua to take some men and proceed to the battleground. Moses climbed the mount with his rod alongside Aaron and Hur. 

Moses lifted the rod on the mountain. Joshua had the upper hand over the Amalekites as long as the rod was up. At a point, Moses got tired, and his strength was failing. It affected Joshua on the battlefield. 

Aaron and Hur found a stone and had Moses sit on it. They stood each one on his side and formed a brace to support his hands. They won the battle. 

What if they were competing? Joshua could have accused Moses of sending him on a suicide mission. They would have lost the war. 

Aaron and Hur could have wrestled the rod from Moses’s hand because he was tired. They would have lost the battle.

Aaron and Hur could have been arguing about who was stronger enough or older, and the battle would have been over before it started. 

In marriage, the goal is to be one and not to be right. If you insist on being right, you may end up not having a home. You can win an argument yet lose your spouse and your home. Do not sacrifice oneness for non-lasting victory. 

Nehemiah caught the vision of building the wall, but he had to mobilize the people to build it. Each one was built close to his house. It was all done in fifty-two days. 

What has remained small because you are not open to collaboration? There are heights you cannot get to alone. You must be open to the help God has placed in others. 

Look at that image of Moses, Aaron, Joshua, and Hur again- They gave Moses rest! Think about your pastor. Do you give him peace of mind? Does he sigh over you, or does he smile over you? Are you of help or a burden? 


© temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

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