Many years ago, a beloved one handed over one of his cars to someone else to use. It was still in great shape. However, some months down the line, the car was already grounded. He discovered that the one to whom he gave the gift could not manage the gift. He ruined it. 

A dear teacher told us the story of how a church of about two hundred and fifty members was handed over to a young pastor. In less than a year, the membership shrank to thirty-five people. 

One of the things you cannot joke with on your journey in life is the place of building capacity. Stop crying for what you have not grown capacity for. Most of the time, people cry for things and opportunities that they have not developed the capacity for. 

Capacity is the structure you put in place for any new level you desire. For instance, if I tell you I am moving to a new house, you expect to see a house, not just a bush or plain ground. There must be a structure on the ground there. 

If you desire a promotion at work, have you built capacity for that new level? You do not get promoted for doing what everyone on your level can do. No! You get promoted for doing more. You can now solve problems of levels higher than where you are. 

You cannot stay a prisoner when you can solve palace-grade problems. The palace will call for you and keep you. That is the testimony of Joseph. 

You cannot remain in the backside of the wilderness taking care of sheep when you can solve national issues. Your capacity travels faster than you. It will put structures in place that will get you to the desired future. 

Many businesses die in the hands of successors. A lot of legacies and wealth get lost in the hands of those who inherit it. Why? The lack of capacity. 

Whether in business or ministry or life generally, you don’t hand over a business, a ministry, or wealth; you hand over capacity. 

If you are praying for promotion, then begin to put structures in place. Acquire problem-solving skills. Build relevant skills in the direction of your work. Kill the bear and the lion if you are expecting an invitation to kill a giant. Interpret dreams in the prison if you are expecting to interpret dreams on a national scale. Build capacity. 

Joseph built capacity. 

He learnt the culture of Egypt. He did not appear before Pharoah with a beard. That would have irritated the king. 

He learnt the place of humility. He was not pompous about his skill. He spoke with honour. 

He did not just interpret the dream. He moved from giftedness to problem-solving. He advised on how the nation could navigate the coming famine. He saw famine but also had answers to manage the crisis. 

Are you building capacity, or do you just have a mouth full of wishes? 

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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