I was returning to catch up with a meeting in Eruwa. I was actually speeding a bit but praying in the Spirit at the same time. I heard the warning voice of the Holy Spirit, “Son, slow down.” 

At that moment, I was ascending. As I got to the peak and was to make a descent, I saw a herd of cattle crossing the road. My God! I would have found it hard to apply brakes if I was speeding. It would have been a terrible accident. The voice of caution helped me. 

Never elevate the voice of your flesh or the voice of pleasure above the voice of divine caution. Saul, the king, elevated his flesh above the voice of caution. He had his first meal as a king in the house of a national prophet, and he had his last dinner as a king in the home of a medium. What was he looking for? Guidance. The voice of advice and caution had gone silent in his life. The silence of the Holy Spirit can be like torture. Never take the Holy Spirit for granted. 

Caution is a major part of life. There is a reason why cars have a braking system. Airplanes will not fly forever. Can you imagine your best friend offers you a brand new Mercedes Benz as a birthday gift, but he then tells you that it has no brakes because you love speed? That is not a gift. It is a waiting coffin. Why! Caution is key. 

Do not ignore your body’s warning signs. Never take health signals for granted. There is a way your body also signals you. Do not make unwise decisions and then resort to prayer points. Prevention is way cheaper than cure. 

Listen! What brakes are to a vehicle is what self-control is to our lives. If you think you lack self-control, you may just have been deceived. No matter how passionate you are, if you get information that the girl or guy you are about to sleep with has a sexually transmitted disease, you will apply brakes. There is proof that you actually have some sense of self-control. You just chose to stay in sin. 

Any victory you have without self-control will soon become history. Any ground you gain without self-control will soon be lost. Why?

Better a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control than one who takes a city.

Proverbs 16:32 NIV

Samson’s disregard for his brakes led to his downfall. Solomon’s disregard for his brakes led to his fall. 

Cars crash when brakes fail. Destinies fail when there is no caution. Be careful. 

© temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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