My parents were classmates in the tertiary institution. During the examination, my father took ill right in the hall. He had his work tools as a Fine Arts student but in his words, “I just kept looking at the paper before me. I had gone blank. The stress had taken its toll”.

He was almost collapsing when some of his colleagues got a hold of him and carried him out for medical attention. But out of his fainting moment came the proof of love. My mum could not compose herself to write her own paper. She had fallen in love. She left school to look for him that day. The rest is history.

I laughed over this story again recently but my spirit knew no rest as I picked the prompt, “Can the one you claim to love be fainting and you do nothing? Would you just mind your business?”

Friends, there is no hidden love here. Love comes with proofs. Love is demonstrated. God demonstrated his love towards us by paying the ultimate price for our sin.

You cannot love God and hide it. When you are in love, it shows in your walk. When I got my first “Yes” from a chic, my brother knew something was different that day. Love will show on your face. You cannot hide it.

You claim to be in love with God but you mind your business without thinking of His business- you are not a lover. You claim you love God but you have never spoken about Him to your family and friends- you are not a lover.

Wait a minute- can you imagine being in love with someone who is not proud to show it? You are their hidden lover. That is rubbish! When men are in love, they will drop hints in every discussion (even when it does not apply).

I know you go to church and play an active role but when last did you even win a soul? The best offering you can give to God is a soul. Your highest offering ever is nothing compared to the soul of a man. Souls are priceless. Souls are heaven’s delight.

Your money does not wreak havoc in hell like when a soul is won. Soul-winning wrecks hell. You must love sinners so passionately that you hate to see them head to hell. Can you imagine you have a friend you see daily and yet your mouth is sealed? You sit with him daily to discuss business but every time you have a nudge to share the gospel, you wave it aside. Can you have the cure to cancer and keep quiet? No!

God did not set us up for mere activities. There is no shoe manufacturing company that does not produce shoes- that would be weird. There cannot be an airport without planes landing and taking off- that would be strange! How then can we be a part of the church without souls being saved? We cannot be comfortable with our lights and sounds. We must not entertain people to hell. It would be terrible.

Love will show proof. You cannot hide it. It must show on your face and reflect in your walk but much more, it must come up in your conversations.

Cars, houses and the latest gadgets are good but souls are priceless. My spiritual father said to us, “Only kids are impressed by toys”. Go after souls. That is our only task!

There is love in sharing

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