When we got into the city to commence ministry, I had to keep an appointment. We needed a property to use. As I sat on the chair in that office, I knew I had to share the good news. I did after a struggle.

As a matter of fact, I shared the gospel before I mentioned my request about the property. It was not comfortable but the gospel must be shared. Why? Souls are priceless.

When Saul came against the early church with intense persecution, they made his work tougher. They were scattered but not defeated. They all carried the seed of the gospel. Everywhere they found themselves, they spread the seed.

Scattering must never reduce the church or the power of the gospel. The gospel is a seed. When you scatter it, it sprouts. When you unsettle it, it thrives. If you are unsettled and you do not respond with the gospel, you are wasting a seed moment.

What did Paul tell Timothy? He said to his faithful son, “Preach the Word in season and out of season”. Paul saw how the disciples took the gospel everywhere. When he became saved, he followed their template. He came out straight from prison and led the prison warden and his entire family to Christ. He had no time to nurse his wounds.

The gospel is the power of God and it is the potency of the church. Without the gospel, Christianity is impotent. We will be fruitless and weak. Share the gospel with audacity. Be bold. If we keep our mouths shut, the world would be satisfied.

Have you realised that most folks have no challenge with nudity adverts? Even if they do, they will say nothing. But the moment the name of Jesus is mentioned, trouble starts. The gospel is the power of the church.

Friend, you must constantly carry the seed of the gospel. Peter said to us that we must be prepared to share the gospel with anyone at any time (1 Pet. 3:15). He said we should do it with meekness and fear. Irrespective of how we feel, the gospel must be shared. Sow the seed of the Word.

Do you remember the parable of the sower? The sower is meant to be a master in sowing seeds. Why then did the sower just sow seeds anywhere without checking the soil first? Why waste the seed instead of just waiting to get to the good land?

It is simple. The seed is the gospel and it must be preached everywhere. Some will reject it. Some will forget it. Some will not be able to stand it. Some will definitely sprout and produce much more. But this gospel must be preached.

In the end, let it be that the gospel was preached but rejected. Let it not be that it was kept while we waited for a good time. Many good people will be in hell because someone who had the good news was waiting for a good time. There will never be a comfortable time to share the good news.

We may be sensitive to telling someone bad news. But when the news is good, it is spontaneous. It is written all over you. You cannot even hide it. You spill it out. Good news is powerful.

The early church did not just have time in the week for evangelism. It was simply a life mandate. They shared the gospel everywhere. Friend, snatch someone from hell right away. Knock the devil where it hurts the most.

Are you waiting for a comfortable time? There is nothing like that!

There is love in sharing

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