I was teaching a class of young believers a while back and I said to them that “Your temptation is what you like. Whatever you do not like does not become a trigger for temptation for you”. One of them asked me, “What do you like?” I had a good smile.

One of the timeless strategies of the devil is to bring around people things they like so they can be trapped in temptation and fall into sin. There is no temptation if there is no desire.

“Temptation comes from our own desires, which entice us and drag us away” James 1:14 NLT

I have never drunk or smoked in my life. The bottle or the stick can never be a temptation for me. There is no attraction for it. There is no desire for it. Once desire is inoperative, the temptation is dead on arrival.

If you have a desire for attention and affection, the devil will organise men or women around you who would always do that for you. You will become so choked in it that it seems like you will not survive without it.

You can be married but emotionally entangled with the opposite sex simply because you love the attention you are receiving especially all the endearments and all.

One of the things that you must pray for is a change of taste. Your desires must change if you will be free from that temptation.

Some of you must ensure that you do not put yourself in a space that triggers an old flame of sin. Create a solid barricade around yourself. Let the Spirit of God handle that part of your life.

You may think you are strong until you are within the space that opens you up to temptation. At that point, you may realise that even time may not heal some desires. So run from all appearances of that desire. Do not put yourself in trouble.

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