I walked to the deep freezer to pick a drink and Danielle was right at my heels. She noticed the bottle of orange drink. She wanted it.

I simply told her, “It is frozen and you cannot have it. Wait for it to defrost”. She took the bottle from me and took it to her mum. Her mum repeated the same thing.

I opened the bottle and she carried it to her mouth- nothing dropped. She began to cry. I repeated the same thing, “You have to wait for it to defrost”.

She slept off without having it even though she cried.

First, process is process. Some things can never be cut short. You can try to speed things up but process will still count.

Second, emotions does not change process. Cry! Jump! Fast! Pray! You can never arm-twist God into boycotting process.

I remember the day I was crying for mercy on an issue. God said to me, “I will be merciful but my mercy will not boycott process”. It stuck!

The cries of a pregnant woman does not change the process- she will wait through it.

A merciful man wanted to help an emerging butterfly by breaking the shell in its larva state. The butterfly lived but could not fly. It lost its wing to the hasty helper.

Do not boycott process. Process processes us- it removes what needs to go and adds what needs to be added.

May you not get to a new season of life and realise that you did not pick the lessons in the previous season. You will have to return to the previous season.

A protégé once said, “God does not promote people on trial”. Life has a way of making you repeat the classes you fail.

Dear friend, the Proverbs of Solomon says something unique:

“People ruin their lives by their own foolishness and then are angry at the Lord” (19:3 NLT)

Profound! We do it a lot.

Be patient. Well! If you are not, it is one of the lessons that process will teach you.

When you learn to be patient in process, you would have finished a class and you then move on to the next!

Stop crying. Start learning your lessons. God takes us through things not just to change things but also to change us.

He is preparing you for what He has prepared for you. Calm down! All you are crying for is yours but process must be followed.

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