In December 2017, as we prayed in Iseyin trusting God for what He will have us do in the New Year, the Lord spoke to me: “Begin to publish the devotional and distribute it for free”.

I froze. I noted it. I did not have the finacial capacity to birth or sustain it. This was two weeks to the end of the year.

I obeyed. The first call I made to raise support made me know that heaven had resources waiting- today, the rest is history.

We have distributed 3500 copies of Compass devotional for free!


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One humorous but heart lifting Compass Devotional reader on the Polytechnic Camous here in Eruwa #Compass #WeAreNotJoking #WeDidNotJoke

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What is the point?

Your zeal cannot drive God’s vision. No matter how zealous I am, I would have crashed.

“Peter did not walk on water”. He walked on the Word. Until your word comes, there are things you must not try.

Second, build capacity. There are seasons that certain things can be done- you cannot rush it.

It is a grievous thing to see a person who started a vision walk last month planning to have the type of office a vision of 50 years has. Frustration will kill the vision and its owner.

Do things at the level you are.

Excellence is not picking expensive options. It is maximizing resources at your current level and getting the best out of it. Infact, it can be expensive and not excellent.

Finally, build relationships. Invest in relationships. Vision needs people. If you are not investing in people, you will be stranded on the journey of vision.

The vessels you need will come from your neighbours. Even Jesus Christ needed the boat of Peter, the upper room, the donkey and the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea.

When He sent the dsiciples to untie the donkey, he told them if anyone confronts you, say to them:

“The Lord needs it and He will return it soon”

There must have been a relationship!

(Side note: Even the Lord returned what He borrowed. Who are you owing? For how long?)

Friends, that vision will work when there is a Word, you understand process and you build strategic relationships.


Post Script: Would you love to Partner with me for the publication and distribution of Compass? Send me a message! God bless you.

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