We went to the church site and met a truckload of sand on the site. We kept wondering who delivered sand to the site. We heard the story later:

A truck driver had an order to deliver a particular type of sand to a building site but he loaded the wrong type. He realised it was the wrong sand at the point of delivery.

Fortunately for him, he had some rapport with the bricklayer on our church site. He pleaded to offload on our site knowing that we would need it.

I told them that we do not owe him any payment for what we did not order since we had no contract with him. We tempered justice with mercy eventually.

The definition of a fruitless effort is being loaded with what your destiny does not require. Can you imagine what he went through to load the sand? Can you imagine driving the truck with a sense of “I am doing something”? Do you imagine the shock when he saw he laboured for what was not required? Are you piling up what your destiny does not need?

Are you labouring for what God has commanded? Are you putting effort in the direction of what is instructed? Would the statement at the end be that you are good and faithful as a steward of divine grace?

It is possible to be good but not faithful. Faithfulness is doing exactly as the Lord instructed. The truck driver is good at his job but he did not deliver what was required.

God is looking for faithful stewards.

Moreover, it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.
1 Corinthians 4:2 KJV

What is heaven demanding of you?
Are your labours in the direction of what Grace has commanded?
Do you look successful or you are indeed rated a success by the one who commanded you?

Many could have told the truck driver well done but the “well done” of men did not carry any weight once the one who commanded realised that you are not faithful. The applause of men is not the approval of God. Know the difference.

May you not sweat doing the wrong things. May you not labour in that which lacks divine approval.

Finally, may mercy locate you.

There is love in sharing