Just some few days to my wedding, a dear one called and requested us to see. When we saw, she said to me, “My husband and I kept wondering what to give you for your wedding. We concluded to give you this token”. She handed over an enclosed envelope to me and said, “I am sorry it is a little”. I appreciated it.

When I got home that evening and I opened the envelope, the little was some foreign currency that was enough to start out a business for my wife after marriage. We knew it could only have been God.

As a young man committed to ministry, it was a much needed miracle!

God honours obedience. If you have stepped out in faith obeying God, especially to dedicate your life to serving Him in the call to ministry, God will surely honour your obedience.

The Prophet Isaiah said:

“If you will only obey me, you will eat the good things the land produces.”
Isaiah 1:19 GNT

One of the tough times in the journey of a person called to Ministry is when you are quite close to marriage. When the devil will try to throw fear into the equation. Shut him up with thanksgiving to God. God does not disappoint.

God will always honour obedience. Abraham was concerned that a slave and not his son would be the one to inherit his estate. God honoured the obedience of Abraham. In the seed of Abraham, nations are blessed.

There will come a good news that will cause your heart to leap. Amen.

However, let me tell you two things about your employer (if you are in ministry full time):

  1. God cannot be mocked/deceived: Your employer is not human. He does not slumber or sleep. You cannot do eye service. He sees you all hours of the day. If you are lazy, there is no reward.
  2. God does not owe: Men trust multinationals and corporations to pay as at when due. God, your employer does not disappoint. He pays. He pays big time. He also promotes and increases your benefit of employment in kingdom service.

Before you claim the honour, you must ask yourself first, “Am I obedient?”

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