A young lady left the first level of training in Church and got baptized in the Holy Ghost. She uniquely also got the gift of prophecy the same day. We saw the scriptures come alive. It was so accurate and precise.

Later in the evening, she also took time to pray again in the Holy Ghost and the Lord gave her insight to share with a friend of hers. She told her friend about the word the Lord gave. They were too accurate that the friend asked, “When did you become like this?”

Her response was simple, “Just today o”. She could not believe her sin-motivated friend had an encounter with God.

You cannot encounter God truly and remain the same. If you encounter His love, shame and reproach lose their grip on you. Your history is swallowed in grace and your destiny is unwrapped before you.

There is no one who genuinely claims to have had an encounter with Christ who will not have the testimony of change- habits will change, your talk and walk will change, your places of interest will change.

The bucket the Samaritan Woman held on tightly to was a picture of a scared child trying hard to find something to grab unto. But when the words of Christ hit her, she dropped the bucket. She could run back in excitement to the town she casually walked out from:

Boldness has displaced timidity
Grace has displaced shame
Strength has displaced weaknesses
Joy has displaced sorrow

Now she has a voice that the city can hear.
Now she has an influence as a blessing.
Now she can draw the city to Christ.
She was just a woman to avoid some hours back!

Hear me- You have a voice that your generation will hear. You will be a blessing to Nations. You will unlock cities for the gospel. You cannot be ignored any longer.

You cannot claim you have been touched by love and we do not see the effect on you and in your walk.

What has Christ accomplished in your life?

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