I noticed that I had books that my friends have written that I had not taken time to read. Meanwhile, I had read a whole lot of other books. I told my wife, “I am focusing on the books my friends write for the next few days. I will finish all of them. How will my friends write and I don’t read it”.

There is something called destination syndrome. Things that are far away always look more attractive than things that are easily accessible. Some of the answers you seek are in your friendship circle but closeness would not make you recognise it.

When the palm of your hands is away from your face, you see the lines clearly. Once it gets closer, the lines get blurry.

Learn from those who have gone ahead of you but do not discountenance the resources that God has placed in those close to you also.

The words of Solomon in the book of Proverbs is quite instructive:

“So never give up on a friend or abandon a friend of your father— for in the day of your brokenness you won’t have to run to a relative for help. A friend nearby is better than a relative far away.” Proverbs 27:10 TPT

For instance, there are answers I seek in ministry that conversation with friends have solved. We share our journeys and experiences in that area and that is it.

There are friends who light up the flames of prayer. I take time now to read up what my friends write also.

Do not let familiarity rob you of the divine deposits in your friends. Your friends can minister healing to you when you are sick. Your friends can sharpen you when you are weak.

Go and check your library- What books have your friends written that you have not read? Why have you not read them? What mindset do you have to change?

There is love in sharing

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