IF ONLY PARENTS CAN PRAY (Revised and Expanded)

IF ONLY PARENTS CAN PRAY (Revised and Expanded)

We sat on my bed that evening and I gave detailed submission of God’s leading for my life- taking up the call to ministry in Eruwa.

Daddy returned the following day and said, “Son, for ages, your mum and I had prayed that God should raise vibrant youths for His name in Eruwa. We just did not know that He will give an answer through our son.” That settled it.

Mum said, “I thought you were going to mention that you were leaving the country but we thank God for calling you”.

On the 18th of March, Church will be nine years old and the journey has been one of faith and obedience.

When parents pray, there will be fewer arguments at home. Why? Matters would have been finished on the knees before the discussions ever begin.

There will be no fear. Some parents become afraid when their children make a marital choice. Their fears lead them into all sort of speculations that have been built by their imagination. Only God knows how many God-ordained unions have been hurt and halted by parental insecurities.

Parents that pray can break ungodly friendships on their knees. Your son will simply return to say, “I don’t walk with Sola again. His ways are different from mine”.

When parents are soaked in prayer, it will be easier for sons and daughters to take on God’s purpose for their lives and destinies because it was your prayer in the first place- you will not activate your superman’s status because Temi has to leave Law and take up full-time ministry.

You will not just end up opposing your son, you may have ended up standing against divine will and move.

When you are a praying parent, you will be glad that He has chosen God above all.

When parents pray, they join heaven to recruit the finest soldiers for its purpose while they deny hell of foot soldiers.

Do you think Noah just chose to be a person of difference in his days, check out the words of Lamech his father:

Lamech lived one hundred and eighty-two years and had a son. And he called his name Noah, saying, “This one will comfort us concerning our work and the toil of our hands, because of the ground which the Lord has cursed.”
Genesis 5:28‭-‬29 NKJV

In the days of Noah, the curse was reversed. It was what His father prayed that became his reality.

Why would you chase money alone as though it will replace the power of praying for your kids? The desire for comfort is fine but real comfort is in having kids that love you and love God recklessly. When your money refuses to speak, prayer will do the talking.

When Parents pray, it is a spiritual covering for their kids. We will have fewer issues with destinies cut short untimely.

And before you are quick to say, “Thank God for my father or mother, they can pray”, sit down and ask, “Will my kids say the same about me?”.

If you are waiting till trouble comes before you pray, you are in real trouble already.

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