THREE MAJOR PRIORITIES (Revised and Expanded)

THREE MAJOR PRIORITIES (Revised and Expanded)

As we walked up the stairs to his office, my spiritual father kept throwing questions at me. I kept answering. After the questions, I asked, “Daddy, If you are to start ministry all over again, at my age and level in the ministry, what will be your 3 major priorities?”

He smiled and said,”Son, your 3 major priorities now is first, to build the people; second, to build the people; third, to build the people. Your business is not material acquisition. Build the people. Dont think of land, cars and houses. Build the people”

That statement has been probably the most important statement in the past 9 years of Pastoring.

The Work of Ministry is service to men in the name of Jesus. Ministry is working with God to be a blessing to men and not a burden to them. Ministry is commitment to what God is committed to in the life of men.

Ministry is labour over men until Christ is formed in them. Ministry is waiting on God for what He will do in a generation and posturing as a willing vessel to be used for His purpose.

Ministry is not for advancement of a personal agenda neither is it for over-compensation. Ministry is measured by obedience to divine instruction and impact produced in the life of the ones you are sent to.

If you produce impact without obedience, you failed. If you obey, you must produce impact. Impact follows obedience.

Friend, whatever you do in life that does not add value to another person’s life is a selfish mission. If you were to live for yourself alone, you would not have come through a family, grow in a community and live in a nation.

If all life will have to say about you is the car you drove, the house you built, the designer cloths you wore and the vacations you had and nothing about the lives you touched, the sacrifices you made, the great legacy that you left- that is the summary of uselessness!

A believer must not live such useless life. Find a missionary to support. Find a cause to pour into. Start a cause. Give to your church. Pay a child’s fee. Preach the gospel. Open your home for strategic outreaches. Do something.

Your driving force should be to build people and not an empire.

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