The days spent in the orientation camp during National Service were actually a great time except for one thing- The toilets. It was pretty tough using the convenience. They were not convenient at all.

Because I could not stand going to the convenience, I reduced my food intake to more of liquid. I can actually count the number of times I ended up needing the convenience. I know those who did not use the convenience at all.

What’s my point? I reduced my intake because of where I did not want to go. However in this kingdom, as a believer, you can also reduce your intake because of “where you desire to go”.

Our diet forms a key part of our walk with God. What we eat and how we eat are an essential part of our Christian faith. The first test of man that we failed was about food- “Of this tree, you must not eat”. Does that tell us something

The kingdom does not belong to those who cannot discipline their stomachs. You cannot do great things with God when your belly is your god.

The Bible mentioned in the days of Elijah that there were prophets who are at the table of Jezebel (1 Kings 18:19). They could not be relevant because of their appetite for food.

Daniel had to pass the test of food. Food 101 is a primary course that must not be failed. Do you realise that the first temptation of Jesus had to do with “turning stones into bread”? If you do not pass the food test, you will limit divine operations in your life.

You cannot be eating like a king every day and actually end up a king in this kingdom. Kings in this kingdom control their appetite. Do you remember the warning of Solomon about the city whose princes feast in the morning? Kingdoms have been wrecked by uncontrolled appetite.

Will you pass the food test?
Train your flesh to take a fast.
Train your flesh to eat healthily.
Healthy eating is not necessarily Heavy eating.

Where are you going? What is the price you must pay?

May what you eat not eat up your future!

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