At a point, we were considering putting an extra floor on an existing building. We needed more space but the first question that popped up was “Can the foundation carry the weight?”

We hesitated each time that question was asked. Why? When the building was planned, no one was thinking of more than a floor. In the planning, no one thought of what the future may throw up.

A lot of people try to lay new heights on foundation that are not solid. One of the things that have wrecked men is expectations that they are unwilling to pay the price for.

One of the folly of instant gratification is that it does not build a deep foundation of values – spiritual, moral, financial and what have you but wants the benefits of such heights.

Know what you wish for and confirm if you have paid the price for it. Adonijah crossed his boundaries by asking for Abishag. The foundation of that request (knowing his antecedent) was actually faulty.

He replied, “Speak to King Solomon on my behalf, for I know he will do anything you request. Ask him to let me marry Abishag, the girl from Shunem.”
1 Kings 2:17 NLT

The request cost him his life: Then King Solomon made a vow before the Lord : “May God strike me and even kill me if Adonijah has not sealed his fate with this request.
1 Kings 2:23 NLT

So as surely as the Lord lives, Adonijah will die this very day!”
1 Kings 2:24 NLT

How would you ask for your father’s youngest bride right after you just planned to take over your father’s throne?

When Mrs Zebedee came to make a request from Jesus Christ on behalf of her sons, Jesus asked them if they can drink of the cup that he will drink from.

Heights come with prices. They are built on solid foundations. Is not better to lay the foundation of a skyscraper and begin with a bungalow and then keep raising the bar than to dig the foundation of a bungalow and then begin to erect a skyscraper?

Foundations are the picture of the height you can go. If you make them carelessly, the day you need a new floor, you will lack the capacity to carry it!

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